Brisket Flat

Tillman’s Meats perfectly cut briskets give that famous, one-of-a-kind bold beefy flavor. A positively huge yes for anyone seeking a deliciously big, juicy brisket dinner.

Cut by the masters at Tillman’s Meats, the Brisket flat (or Navel Cut Brisket) is that portion of the brisket which has that smaller layer of fat on one side and lean muscle on the other.

The brisket flat is best when it’s cooked low and slow. It’s most suitable for a casual dinner, tailgating, or weekend cook-out.

Best suited for the smoker, oven, slow-cooker or sous vide.

  • Perfectly aged to intensify the natural delicious flavor
  • Hand cut by the masters at Tillman’s Meats
  • Individually hand trimmed, leaving just the right amount of exterior fat
  • Good marbling
  • Flash frozen and individually sealed to lock in flavor and juices.
  • High end restaurant quality delivered right to your door
  • Briskets are hand cut by weight – actual thickness may vary slightly

Treat your guests with the bold flavor and deep beefy taste of Tillman’s Meats Briskets.