Chateaubriand Steak (Imported Wagyu)

The Chateaubriand Steak is a Savory, Perfect, and Delicious Steak from Tillman’s Meats and it will certainly impress your guests! As the most exquisite steak and served at top restaurants, it is perfectly suited for a fine dinner, special occasion or as a very special gift.

The Chateaubriand steak (pronounced shaˌtōbrēˈôn) is named after a romantic French writer. This luxurious steak is cut from the most tender center portion of the prime beef tenderloin. It is the crème de la crème of steaks because of its unmatched tenderness and quality. A definite yes for anyone craving a delicious steak experience.

We’ve searched and sourced the best beef, aged it to perfection, hand cut and expertly trimmed each and every Chateaubriand Steak.

Best suited for the grill, cast iron skillet or sous-vide.

  • Perfectly aged to intensify the natural delicious flavor
  • Hand cut from the best prime beef tenderloin
  • Individually hand trimmed, leaving just the right amount of exterior fat
  • Exceptional marbling – Wagyu Prime Grade Beef
  • Flash frozen and individually sealed to lock in flavor and juices.
  • High end restaurant quality delivered right to your door
  • Steaks are cut by weight – actual thickness may vary slightly

Treat your guests with the luxurious Tillman’s Meats Chateaubriand Steak that’ll surely amaze!