Chopped Sirloin Patty Wrapped in Bacon

Tillman’s Meats Chopped Sirloin Patty is perfect for the grill or cast-iron skillet.

Hand-made using fresh beef sirloin and wrapped in juicy bacon, Tillman’s Meats Chopped Sirloin Patties are made fresh and flash frozen to lock in flavor and juices. It’s a perfect choice for those wanting a thicker, leaner patty.

We’ve searched and sourced the best beef, aged it to perfection and hand prepared each and every Chopped Sirloin Patty.

  • Our beef is perfectly aged to intensify the natural delicious flavor
  • Selected from the best USDA beef
  • Perfectly ground and blended-in with the right amount of sweet fat
  • Wrapped in delicious bacon
  • Flash frozen and sealed to lock in flavor and juices.
  • High end restaurant quality delivered right to your door