Tillman’s Meats Picanha or Culottes are perfect for slow cooking or grilling.

This famous and versatile Brazilian Cut of Beef, the Picanha or Culotte is hand-cut and trimmed by the masters at Tillman’s Meats.

Using only the best selection of Fresh USDA Beef, our Picanha / Culottes burst with flavor and juiciness.

We’ve searched and sourced the best beef, aged it to perfection, hand cut and expertly trimmed each and every Picanha.

Best suited for the grill, cast iron skillet or sous vide.

  • Perfectly aged to intensify the natural delicious flavor
  • Hand cut from the best and freshest USDA beef
  • Individually hand trimmed, leaving just the right amount of exterior fat
  • Good marbling
  • Flash frozen and individually sealed to lock in flavor and juices.
  • High end restaurant quality delivered right to your door
  • Cuts are done by weight – actual thickness may vary slightly

Treat your guests with the internationally acclaimed Tillman’s Meats Picanha!