Steak Burger Patty

Tillman’s Meats savory and delicious Steak Burger Patties are hand made with the finest, selection of USDA steaks.

Tillman’s Meats Steak Burger Patties are perfectly ground and blended with a small portion of sweet beef fat to enhance flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. A definite yes for anyone craving a delicious burger experience.

The Tillman’s Meats – Steak Burger Patty will rule all other burger patties with an explosion of taste and tenderness that no other burger patty will rival. We’ve sourced the best beef, aged it to perfection and expertly ground and blended each and every patty.

Most suitable for casual to special occasions, indoor and outdoor, or as a very special gift.

  • Our beef is perfectly aged to intensify the natural delicious flavor
  • Made from and selected from the best beef steaks
  • Individually hand ground and blended-in with the right amount of fat
  • Flash frozen and sealed to lock in flavor and juices.
  • High end restaurant quality delivered right to your door
  • Patties are hand made by weight – actual thickness may vary very slightly

Amaze your guests with this awesome burger patty selection!