Whole Turkey Wings

What Makes Us Better

It begins with finding the best meats. We at Tillman's Meats search-out and source only the best quality meats that comply with our high standards. All of our meats bear the USDA seal of inspection and come from domestic farms, proudly sourced right here in the USA.

As a family-run business, and proudly serving our customers for over 40 years, the masters at Tillman’s Meats hand-cut and trim each and every steak. We ensure that each steak, roast or any cut of meat that leaves our butcher’s block is consistent with our high quality standards. Our beef is aged to perfection, hand-cut and trimmed to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness.

  • Our beef is cut fresh and sold fresh in-store. Custom cutting is our specialty and we are masters at it.
  • Our online steaks and meats are all flash frozen and vacuum sealed to lock in that delicious flavor and juices
  • Our knives are sharper and always a cut above the rest!

Tillman's Meats & Country Store

Finest Selection of Exotic & Game Meats

We’ve searched the world over and the masters at Tillman’s Meats has made a wide variety of Exotic Meats available in-store and online.

Our line-up includes Elk, Bison, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Python, Black Bear, Yak, Venison, Rabbit, Veal, Goat, Lamb, Alligator, Goose, Cornish Hens, Duck and lots more.

Expert Smoking

We take smoking and seasoning very seriously - and very slowly. From smoked ribs and sausage to turkey and brisket, we have a variety of delicious smoked meats available in-store. 

Our smoked brisket, ribs, sausage and turkeys are all brined to perfection in our old-fashioned brine, then hand rubbed with our unique blend of herbs and spices, and smoked to perfection using only sweet cherry-wood.

We smoke our in-house meats, sausages and jerky every day of the week to give you the best tasting smoked barbecue.

Unique Selection of Rubs & Spices

Along with our meats, we have a wide selection of our own Rubs & Spices.
Tillman’s unique marinades, spices and rubs hold up well for slow-roasting when long cooking times tend to kill the flavor of finely ground spices.
Our spices and rubs add delicious flavor when rubbed into steaks and rested overnight before cooking. Mix our spices and rubs into a marinade, or rub them right on dry or with a little oil, and you're ready to create your masterpiece!

Skillful Processing of Wild Game

As an added service, our highly trained butchers process wild game (deer, hogs, elk, alligator, birds etc). Call toll free 877-646-6979 for complete information. We also have sausage making supplies and equipment.

In-House Bakery

We also have an in-house bakery that makes fresh baked goodies made from scratch. We also fill special orders for pies, pound-cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars and more for that special occasion.

A selection of local produce, smoking supplies, and other unique items are also available.